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Digital Marketing/Social Media

If you are paying a “social media” person or company to manage your social media, chances are you need to fire them. We own and invest in garages and we specialize in autobody, dealerships and mechanic shops. We get results using a proven digital marketing system that has worked for all types of garages, all over GTA, The garage revenue boost method ™ Formed in our strategy lab.

SEO and Google Ranking

Your Website should be visually impressive and entice customers to visit you. And it should show up top in search and in all directories. And yes, all garages hate Yelp and other review sites. You still have to play the game, respond and move the pendulum in your favor by being smart with how you handle them. Trip Advisor, Google, Facebook and other review sites matter too.

Client's Preferred Email Strategy

Oh yes…email is alive and well and when used correctly can bring new and repeat customers into your garage every month on demand. We’ll show you how to build a huge list of loyal followers and then how to gently market to them. And, are you reaching your customers in their pocket with mobile marketing?

Garage Marketing Strategy

We’re amazed, daily, with how many garages are started or operated without a documented marketing plan and strategy for getting new and repeat customers each month into their garage. We change all that, and set you up for success you can bank on using our Garage Marketing Method ™ formula.


Alexandros Lagoudelis, MLA


“If you want results call these guys!”
Hans SoerIntergenWinnipeg
The Instagram strategy is genius! Alex was highly recommended. Both Alex and his team are exceptional to work with!
Corina BarattaToronto
Very Impressed! Alex is a genius!
Mario LagoudelisMario's Auto Stouffville


Automotive Industry and Social Media

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As we all know, the world of digital marketing is an ever-evolving landscape. The real challenge lies in staying ahead of the curve. On mainstream platforms such as Facebook, dealers must now approach content creation with detailed strategy, backed by cold, hard cash. The reality is, in order to get your content in front of[…]

Digital Marketing Strategy Specifically for Your Business

When having initial discussions about a digital marketing strategy with a new client, one of the most common requests that we get is “Can you send me your packages?” This always leads into the discussion as to why we don’t have “packages” like most companies do.[…]

Branded Keywords and Owning Your Own Name

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Mobile-Friendly Facebook Ads: Why and How?

Around 90% of Facebook traffic is mobile traffic, and over half of Facebook users only log in using their mobile devices. When making ads and posts for Facebook, always put the consumer first. If the consumer is mostly viewing your content on mobile devices, it is important to tailor ads in such a format. Mobile-friendly Facebook ads are a great way to start![…]